Vyacheslav Sementchouk, chairman of the board of Russian design studio “Creators.ru”

It’s necessary to examine .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА possible implementation in connection with the usage of other TLDs (national and international). In this situation it’s important to remember about user’s habit to type TLDs automatically. Even when a website address has not .RU ending, users type this ending and go to another website they do not planned to go.


The usage of a TLD is more comfortable when it is widespread and when the top-level domain is kept in users mind.

Also it’s necessary to discuss a question who will be able to register a names in .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА. If there is no restrictions, then there will be no regional linkage. But if domain names in Moscow TLDs will be available for registration to Muscovites and local companies, then it will be necessary to control their somehow.

Of course there will be a demand on domain names in .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА from the following categories of users:

a) Those who would like to obtain a domain name because of advertisement
b) Some companies, that have a word “Moscow” in their name
c) Users, who were not able to obtain a domain name they wanted in a existing TLDs and realized that this name is available for registration in .MOSCOW or .МОСКВА.
d) People, who would like to protect a name of their project in the Internet

Anyway, new TLDs implementation is an attempt of dividing the Internet on the “clusters” that will ease the usage of the Web. At the same time the expansion of the DNS will complicate the Internet access because in the future users will have to keep in mind not only the website address but also a TLDs it is registered in.

In the long run in this situation users will appeal to search engines more often, and consequently short address of a website similar to its name plays a great role. So, with respect to this fact an appearance of TLDs designated for Moscow is a useful thing.