Translation of the letter of support of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs implementation, received from Moscow Department of Culture

To Olga Yakovleva, the director of
Autonomous non-commercial organisation
Regional Network Informational Center


Dear Olga Leonardovna!

Moscow Department of Culture has examined your proposal of the TLDs .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА
implementation and supposes that this idea is useful.

Among the main advantages of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА introduction is a possibility of their use
for different kind of Moscow cultural organizations. The implementation of the TLDs will give an
opportunity to attract Internet-users' attention to such organizations by creating online-catalogs of
Moscow libraries, theaters, museums, exhibition-halls, etc.

Moscow Department of Culture is ready to participate in organizing and work of the Community
Consultation Council that will include governmental and civil-society organizations' representatives and
will define the rules for the TLDs. This Council could also examine the prospectives of usage of Moscow
top-level domains.

We're sure that the idea of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА introduction will be supported by Muscovites, who
use the Internet in their every-day life.

Deputy manager of the Department of Culture of Moscow
V. I. Shamilin

The Original version of the document in Russian is avaliable here