Special nomination “My home is .MOSCOW” has been established as a part of “Interneshka” contest

The founder of the nomination is RU-CENTER, the company initiated TLDs .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА implementation.

“Interneshka” contest is organized by Russian Foundation “Friendly RUnet”. The purpose of the contest is to teach children to use Internet and mobile phones safely. “Interneshka” includes variety of creative tasks and a brain competition.

For the time “Interneshka” has been holding more than 7 thousand users from the countries of former USSR has been registered on the official website of the contest.

To the moment about 1,5 thousand creative works has been received by the jury. In the nomination “My home is .MOSCOW” were accepted banners and drawings made by hand or on a computer. The topics of  works were “Digital Moscow” and “Moscow in the Internet”. Also participants could design a logo for TLDs .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА.

Currently submission of creative applications for “Interneshka” has been finished and jury voting has started. The jury consists of representatives from governmental bodies, non-commercial organisations and Internet-companies. Till January 31, 2011 all users registered on the website of the contest  can participate in public voting.

The final results of “Interneshka” contest will be announced on February 7-8, 2011 during the National Forum of Information Security (INFOFORUM) and the United Forum of Safe Internet. The winners of the contest will get prizes from its partners and diploma issued by UNICEF.